Together We Can! Advancing Youth Care and Education and Educator/Program Staff Development

The OSU Inaugural Youth Impact Summit is brought to you in a partnership with the 2024 Engagement Scholarship Consortium International Conference (as their Pre-College and Youth Programming pre-Conference Opportunity) and OregonASK (as their Fall conference opportunity). Join us for two days of professional development workshops, featuring sessions on building partnerships, engaging with K-12 audiences, mental and physical health, and arts and STEM education. Keynote speakers for this event are Youth Development and Pre-College experts Mr. Brodrick Clarke, the Vice President of Programs and Systems Quality for the National Summer Learning Association and Dr. Susan Sheth, the Director of Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) at Michigan State University. This workshop series will connect you with other youth education professionals while exploring various strategies for youth impact and program development.

We will bring internal and external programs across the State, and youth education professionals across the country together to: 

  • Create a visible OSU backbone structure for collective impact of our 100+ youth care and education and educator/staff development programs; 
  • Bridge our siloed work, including participation and recognition of external youth programs and partners across the State providing PreK-12 care and education;
  • Celebrate and document our successes and stories of impact;
  • Offer professional development sessions in areas of need including sharing of scholarship, tools and resources;
  • Build visibility for what we do internally and externally and foster new partnerships for youth engagement;
  • Identify challenges, barriers and opportunities for this work.

Organizing Partners:

 OSU Precollege Programs


2024 Engagement Scholarship Consortium International Conference, Pre-College     pre-conference committee.

 OregonASK, Afterschool and Summer for Kids Network. 


Who is the conference for? 

All are welcome to join and learn more about how OSU and external youth programs are impacting communities across the State. Sessions are designed to meet the needs of youth program staff, engaged faculty, staff, and volunteers, hired students and seasonal employees, external partners, leaders, and funders contributing to impact in youth care and education and educator/staff development programs.


Planning Committee: 

Dr. Susan Rowe, Director of Precollege programs : Summit Leader and OPEN Convener

Shelly Signs, Director of University Events and The LaSells Stewart Center : Event Logistics and Communications Lead

Kami Hammerschmith, Administrative Specialist at Precollege Programs : Communications Lead and Budget Support

Renee O’Neill, Curriculum and Professional Development Specialist at Precollege Programs : Committee member representing the work and voice of Precollege Programs

Gina Galaviz Yap, Director of OSU Juntos : Committee member representing the work and voice of youth programs in the Division of Extension and Engagement

Kristi King, Assistant Director of Our Little Village and Student Engagement: Committee member representing the work and voice of the Family Resource Center, early care and education

Temmecha Turner, Director for Community Diversity Relations: Committee member representing the work and voice of the Office of Institutional Diversity and Access OSU 

Misha Lind, Youth Safety Program Coordinator: Committee member representing the work and voice of the Youth Safety and Compliance Office

Ryan Brown, Outreach Coordinator for the College of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences: Committee member representing the work and voice of outreach by CEOAS and other colleges

Monica McQueen, OregonASK Entrepeneur Project Director: Committee member representing the work of OregonASK (Afterschool & Summer for Kids) and the community based organizations who do out-of-school-time youth programs

  Meet the Keynote Speakers

Brodrick Clarke

Renowned Youth Development Expert with over 25 years of dedicated experience in shaping the lives of young individuals and the practitioners who serve them. Over the years, he has held key positions in national and international youth development organizations, including, Muhammad Ali Center, Louisville Kentucky, Weikart Center for Youth Program Quality, Forum for Youth Investment, National Institute on Out of School Time, American Camp Association, and National Summer Learning Association where he currently serves as Vice President of Programs and Systems Quality.

Susan Sheth

Director of Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) at Michigan State University and co-author of Pre-College Programs in Higher Education: The Evolution of a Movement . Susan is a member of the Pre-College Advisory Board and Pre-College Leadership Team at Michigan State University and the Chair of the Michigan Pre-College Youth Webinar Series.  She also serves on the ESC Pre-College, Pre-Conference Workshop planning committee. Dr. Sheth has co-edited and published a trilogy of Pre-College Programming in Higher Education books, including a Handbook, Workbook, and Case Studies book.

 Schedule Day 1 Snapshot

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9am - 5:30pm

Keynote, Professional Development Sessions, Youth Program Fair and artistic performances


Schedule Day 2 Snapshot 

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Keynote, Ignite Talks, Professional Development Sessions, Artistic Performances, Dinner and Awards Cerimony.