Due to limited student staffing, groups are currently limited to two classes (up to 60 students) per day. We may be able to accommodate larger groups on a case-by-case basis. Please email us at [email protected] if you would like to bring a group larger than 60 students. We will do our best effort to accommodate your group but cannot guarantee availability or specific activities. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes. Questions are encouraged and can be sent to [email protected]. We suggest a 4-week lead time; depending on what you are requested, occasionally it takes extra time to coordinate.

General Information
As we have in years past, we are collecting class rosters for groups visiting through our program so that we can gain a better understanding of our impact. You will be asked for a list of first and last names, and birthdates of students attending the field trip.
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(For example - AVID, TRiO, Upward Bound, AP Chemistry, 4-H, SMILE club, etc.)
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Student Demographics
(Please estimate as accurately as possible. This information is to be used to match OSU Student Guides to your group and for grant purposes to keep costs down for schools)
Participation would include having students fill out electronic surveys before and after your visit. If you prefer a hard copy survey, please let us know in the comment section at the end of this form. Hard copy surveys involve printing pre- and post-visit surveys that have been emailed to you, having the students take the pre-survey before the visit, handing those to us when you arrive. Then, after the visit, having your students fill our post-visit surveys returning them to us via mail, or scan/email.
Are there any of your school/program alumni at Oregon State that you'd like us to reach out to to sit on a panel or join you for lunch?
Hours on Campus
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Campus Field Trip Specifics

ENHANCE curriculum

Precollege Programs Campus Visit Curriculum is focused on the STEM fields, offered in 45-minute units in four different categories. The time specification per block is subject to change dependent on your group’s needs. The amount of time spent on campus will determine the number of units each group is able to participate in.

Please note: Due to presenter limitations, room constraints, and other factors, not all options are offered at all times. If your group is over 30 students, it is possible not all students will participate in the same hands-on STEM activity. We are continually looking to add more options to our curriculum units, and will do so as they become available. 

  • Invention! Invention! - Students learn about the process of invention as they brainstorm ways to make something more fun and useful. They will use everyday objects to bring their ideas to life as they design and build a prototype.
  • Wave Lab - The Wave Lab offers year round tours designed to increase awareness of tsunamis and costal hazards, college preparedness, engineering career awareness and research and the research process. The tours include a power point presentation on the tour goals, a brief wave demonstration (when available) and a guided tour of the facility. Please note: This is a working research facility. Waves are not guaranteed and some groups may not see the Wave Lab in action.
  • Wind Power - This lesson teaches students the basics of wind power and how it is generated. They are able to make their own wind blades, test them, and use the engineering process with specific design variables to improve their blade design. 
Campus Tour:
  • Campus Tour – Groups are led through a tour of campus by our knowledgeable Precollege Programs Guides. Highlights of this tour are:
    • Kelley Engineering Building: A building built according to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) specifications for sustainability.
    • Memorial Union: The central hub of campus for students.
    • Weatherford Hall: An outside-look at OSU housing options.
    • The Valley Library
  • Photo Hunt Campus Tour - The group is given informational cards with photos. When stopped, the correct card is searched for and then read aloud. (Best for groups under 15 OR elementary groups)
  • Dining on Campus - Due to COVID safety, dining in one of our dining halls is on pause for large young groups. We still have options to eat on campus (and purchase food from dining halls), but it will likely not be dining amongst college students.
College Readiness:
  • Myths about College – (Designed for grades 7-10) Common college myths are discussed and the truths about planning for and attending college. 
  • A Day in the Life - (Designed for grades 6-12) Students experience scheduling a term of classes and activities. Given a list of classes, activities, and clubs, students are able to set their schedule just as a college student does!
  • OSU Student Panel – Groups will have a conversation with and question a group of current college students. They will hear about each student’s road to college and their experience so far. If you have almuni at Oregon State, we would be happy to invite them to sit on the panel.
  • College Venn Diagrams - (Designed for grades 3-5) Compare elementary school/college and your students/college students.
(Precollege Programs prefers to contact all departments/presenters to ensure scheduling efficiency)
Students can bring lunches or purchase food at our à la carte dining halls using cash or with pre-ordered lunch cards billed to your school or organization ($12-$13 per student recommended).
(Note: An invoice from University Housing and Dining Services will be sent 30 days after your visit for the full price of the number of cards used, not the number of cards ordered.)
($12 is suggested by University Housing and Dining Services)
Additional Information
If you answered "yes" to the above, please let us know what we can do to help accommodate.
(Cost to park individual vehicles on campus is $10 per day)
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