The Office of Precollege Programs (PCP) and the SMILE Program enable OSU's faculty to broaden the educational impact of research projects while co-creating STEM curricula for K-12 audiences and professional development opportunities for educators across the state of Oregon (and beyond). Broader impacts of research and community engagement are at the core of what we do. 

  Broader Impact (BI) Efforts

Precollege programs adopted the National Science Foundation (NSF) Broader Impact perspectives, aligning with the guidelines developed by the National Alliance for Broader Impacts (NABI) and supporting the mission of The Center for Advancing Research Impact in Society (ARIS). ARIS focuses on collaborations to share practices and resources related to broader impacts, emphasizing inclusive public engagement to promote a diverse STEM workforce. Precollege Programs contribute to societal benefits and provide a solid structure for broader impact activities through robust K-12 relationships and innovative partnerships with researchers and educators.


Broader Impacts and the Precollege Programs' Learning Landscape of Practice



Broader Impacts and the Precollege Programs' Engagement Model

Broader Impacts Highlights

"Would you like a deeper understanding of NSF’s Broader Impacts (BI) criterion? Would you like tips and strategies for addressing the BI criterion in more compelling (and, hopefully, more fundable) ways?"  - The Center for Advancing Research Impact in Society (ARIS) offers new Broader Impacts 101 webinars starting July 2020.  LEARN MORE! 

The Center for Advancing Research Impact in Society (ARIS) gives PCP's Research, Grants and Engagement Manager Susan Rowe, a "Just in time" Fellowship in response to the COVID-19 pandemic to develop an open source online course, "An introduction to Successful K-12 Broader Impacts Planning and eLearning Pathways." LEARN MORE! 

Associate Director Jay Well and PCP's Research, Grants and Engagement Manager Susan Rowe present "The Broader Impacts Ecosystem of OSU Precollege Programs" at the ARIS Virtual Summit 2020. WATCH THE VIDEO!

Precollege Programs Launches "Chats for Broader Impacts" - virtual office hours 

Are you a faculty member, researcher, or community partner writing a grant and needing a partner for broader impacts and outreach planning? Our experienced team of broader impacts professionals at Precollege Programs is available to chat with you about your research, possibilities to engage with K-12 communities (students, teachers, and families). Please, fill out the request form to schedule an initial consultation and provide some basic information for us to be better prepared to talk with you about your research topic and your ideas for societal impact. 


  Submit a scheduling request here!

  Outreach and Engagement Efforts

Engagement and partnership building are essential for creating and sustaining innovative program efforts with the communities we serve across Oregon and beyond. Reciprocal and mutual beneficial partnerships advance precollege education and accessibility and broaden participation in STEM. Precollege Programs and the SMILE Program have a long history of reciprocal engagement with K-12 communities across Oregon, working to bridge research to public audiences and broadening participation in STEM. We are proud to play this important role within OSU's engagement efforts.

Community Engagement Highlights

Precollege Programs partner with Open Streets Corvallis, along with other OSU and community partners, to explore university-community partnerships for the public good in the context of open streets. LEARN MORE!




Oregon State University was recently awarded the Carnegie Community Engagement Classification by the Carnegie Foundation, which serves as a continuation of its initial award in 2010. OSU Precollege Programs, and particularly the SMILE Program, were acknowledged as examples of the university’s commitment to outreach and engagement.  LEARN MORE!