Services, Resources, and Downloads

Oregon State University’s Office of Precollege Program provides support for youth outreach programs on campus in the form of advertising, training, funding opportunities, and more. Please contact Precollege Programs Coordinator Emily Nicholson for additional questions and information.


Youth Safety Resources

The Office of Youth Safety & Compliance now oversees all policy around youth programming. The following links are housed on their website and are linked here for easy reference.

OSU Safety of Minors Policy - Current OSU Youth Safety Policy and related resources.

Youth Safety Resources - Links to resources related to planning youth programs including liability waivers, standards of behaviors, and Criminal History Checks.



Physics for Kids - A website designed to help students understand simple physics concepts (complete with online games and activity ideas).

Online Learning Fun with Physics - A website designed to help students understand physics concepts from Maryville University


College Planning Resources

Middle School Parent Guide in English and Spanish (Provided to us by Oregon GEAR UP)

You Can Go! 

Guide to Earning Credit before College

Earning Credit with Prior Learning Assessments

SPANISH LANGUAGE video: "Los mitos sobre universidad" (College Myths)