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As an effort to support Oregon families and teachers sheltering in place during this COVID-19 pandemic, OSU Precollege Programs will continue to share links to educational resources. We are compiling a list of free learning resources from various educational sources to support youth K-12 activities at home and continued learning.


Precollege Programs and the SMILE program have maintained a portfolio of research-based  curriculum we have built in partnership with researchers and our K-12 community. Visit the SMILE page to browse our lessons. We recognize that some activities may require materials that may not be available to you at this time.

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Oregon MESA Invention Club

MESA is launching Invention Clubs this fall for the school year, a virtual version of our MESA School Program for students who don’t have access to MESA programming through their school this year and are still eager to engage in STEM opportunities. Invention Clubs are for students who have been affected the most by the pandemic; those who are low income and are eligible for free or reduced lunch.

Students can see if they have a current MESA chapter at their school here. If they do not have a chapter and they are interested in MESA, an Invention Club would be the best way to get involved. Check out the flyer and slides below to learn more!

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  1. Quick Math Jr. (elementary, ios)
  2. Lightbot: Code Hour
  3. Starfall ABSs (learning alphabet)
  4. Swift Playgrounds (coding, ios)
  5. Nick Jr.
  6. YouTube Kids
  7. PBS Kids
  8. Goldieblox & The Movie Machine (ios)
  9. ShipAntics: The Legend of the KiKi Beast
  10. Vocabulary Spelling City
  11. Thinking Blocks (separate apps per skill)
  12. Science 360 (ios)
  13. Spelling Stage (ios)
  14. My Molecularium (chemistry)
  15. Bedtime Math
  16. Scratch Jr. (coding)
  17. Duolingo
  18. Kodable (coding, ios)
  19. Monster Physics (ios)
  20. Wonder For Dash & Dot (coding)

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Resources for All Grade Levels

AWSEM ~ How to Make Invisible Ink

How To Make Invisible Ink



How to Build a Spaghetti House

How To Build A Spaghetti House



Cloud in a Bottle Experiment

Cloud In A Bottle Experiment



AWSEM Video: Cabbage Chemistry!

Cabbage Chemistry



Making Electric Dough Circuits!

Making Electric Dough Circuits 



Celery Science Experiment

Celery Science Experiment



HC407Sp20 STEM Outreach Alden Sova Chromatography

Fabric Chromatography



Pescando Hielo - Ice Fishing

Pescando Hielo - Ice Fishing




Bubble Cell Membranes



01 Strawberry DNA Extraction

Strawberry DNA Extraction



Rock Candy Crystallization - Cambria Cross

Rock Candy Crystallization



Reto del Helado

Helado Casero En Una Bolsa



Making bouncing eggs- egg osmosis

Making Bouncing Eggs



Learn How to Make a Homemade Battery

How To Make A Homemade Battery

Resources By Grade Level


See a comprehensive list of resources crafted for K-12 by clicking on the button below or here. Come back often! We are always updating this booklet.

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