We offer a collection of resources, helpful tools, and scholarly products helpful for Broader Impacts (BI) planning and design, including those specific to our Precollege Programs BI work and processes, and those of intersecting fields contributing to societal benefits of research (engaged scholarship, science communication, etc.). If you have used or know a helpful resource for broader impacts not included here but useful for engaging researchers, broader impacts professionals and audiences, please share by contacting [email protected]

OSU Precollege Programs BI Resources

The Office of Precollege Programs (PCP) has enabled OSU's faculty to broaden the educational impact of research projects while co-creating STEM curricula for K-12 audiences and professional development opportunities for educators across the state of Oregon (and beyond)

PCP Broader Impacts Video - Part 1: Review of Bi and our Learning Landscape of Practice

As a recruitment arm of Enrollment Management, Precollege Programs (PCP) provides STEM pathways for Oregon's youth.

Precollege Programs launched "Chats for Broader Impacts" virtual office hours 

Are you a faculty member, researcher, or community partner writing a grant and needing a partner for broader impacts and outreach planning? Our experienced team of broader impacts professionals at Precollege Programs is available to chat with you about your research, possibilities to engage with K-12 communities (students, teachers, and families). Please, fill out the request form to schedule an initial consultation and provide some basic information for us to be better prepared to talk with you about your research topic and your ideas for societal impact. 

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  • PCP Portfolio of Grants and Partnerships
  • Broader Impacts Success Stories and Failing Forward
  • FAQ about PCP BI work and Engagement Model