Hello, everyone! My name is Lorenzo Curtis, and I am in the Honors College at Oregon State studying Ecological Engineering and Spanish. This page includes five videos that detail my personal testimony as a Latino in university. Each video has its own individual takeaway. I hope the information in these videos inspires you to ask questions, learn more, seek guidance, plan your future, attend university, and chase your dreams. Everything is well within your reach… Yes, you can!

Video 1:
¡Sí, se puede! (Yes, you can!)

Video 2:
Las Comunidades (The Communities)

Video 3:
Las Conexiones (The Connections)

Video 4:
Ten Confianza (Have Confidence)

Video 5:
Los Próximos Pasos (The Next Steps)


I am beyond grateful for everyone that has supported me throughout this adventure. Of course, my parents and my beautiful family give me all the energy in the world. I am deeply thankful for my mentor, Dr. Kathryn McIntosh, for guiding me in every aspect throughout this process. I am indebted to Dr. Susan Rowe, Director Precollege and SMILE Programs, for supporting my video endeavors. Thank you, Alyssa Pratt, for your technological know-how, diligent efforts, and constant humility. I thank all my mentors in the Honors College and all of the professors and educators who I have been so blessed to connect with. Over everything, this project is for the next generation of Latinx students - You all inspired me to create these videos and to dedicate my life to improving the representation of minorities. Yes, you can!