Virtual Campus Field Trips

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Office of Precollege Programs is committed to continuing our connection with K-12 youth, encouraging and inspiring them to go to pursue postsecondary education. 

While we would much prefer to have you visit in person, our college students are eager to meet with you and your students virtually. We can connect on our platform (Zoom) or as guests on your class platform.

Our current unit offerings include:

  • Campus Tour: Picture “walk through” of campus

  • Student Panel: Questions can be submitted early, or asked during the panel

  • Venn Diagram: Compare and contrast College and elementary school (designed for 3rd-5th grade)

  • College Myths: Common college myths are discussed and the truths about planning for and attending college. Possible ending: Ends with a fun game of Kahoot! (phone or internet access required to play) (Designed for 7th-10th grade)

  • A Day in the Life: Students experience scheduling a term of classes and activities. Given a list of classes, activities, and clubs, students are able to set their schedule – just as a college student does! (Designed for grads 6-12)

 Contact us for more information at [email protected]


Note: For an opportunity to build relationships with college students to amplify the college and career readiness message, check out our virtual Beaver Hangouts program.