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OSU Precollege Programs launched a series of FREE virtual STEM @Home webinars for families (and general public). Presentations by OSU students, staff and partners provide college connections and cover STEM content with activities that families can do from home while watching live or accessing the recorded videos on-demand.

As a response to COVID-19 pandemic initiatives, our distance education efforts aligns with the Oregon Department of Education’s new 20-21 Comprehensive Distance Learning Guidance

Join Us!

  • For What? A series of virtual zoom webinar sessions. Follow along live or watch the session recording on-demand!
  • For Who? Families and Youth (and the general public)
  • How Long? 1 hour or less.
  • When? Schedule varies. See list of upcoming Winter 2021 sessions below. Sessions are added on demand, so be sure to check back! 
  • Where? Zoom Webinar - Link available in the description of each offered session available below. 

Winter 2021 STEM@Home Webinars

Mints & Temperature: Cold Mouth or Cool Trick? | The STEM@Home Series

Mints and Temperature: Cold Mouth or Cool Trick?

Think Like An Animal Scientist! | The STEM@Home Series

Think Like an Animal Scientist!

Create a Cell with Homemade Playdough | The STEM@Home Series

Create a Cell with Homemade Playdough

  • Created By: OSU’s Biochemistry Club
  • Presenter: Lacey Donahue, Nicole Jones, Marin Monteith, Austin weeks, Olivia Worley and Maya Livni
  • Grade Level: 2nd-6th
  • Background: Join OSU’s Biochemistry Club in building your very own cell! Make your own playdough and fill it with snacks and other household objects while learning about the tiniest parts that make you human! Squish it, mold it, interact with it - and gain the knowledge of a young biologist.
  • Zoom Link:
  • Materials Needed: 
    • Note: a stovetop is used for making the playdough, alternatively, a microwave can be used

    • Supplies needed for Non-toxic Playdough:

      • 1 cup of flour

      • ¼ cup of salt

      • ¾ cup of water

      • 1 tablespoon vegetable oil

      • 3 tablespoons of lemon juice (optional)

      • Food coloring (optional)

      • One mixing bowl, one microwave safe bowl, measuring cup and spoons.

    • Supplies needed for organelles: if you do not have one of the items listed, any object of a similar shape and size works!

      • a piece of plastic wrap or foil

      • a marble or something spherical

      • a few pieces of string

      • a few pieces of tape

      • dried long pasta

      • dried beans or rice

      • beads or anything small

  • Additional Resource: Playdough Recipe in case you want to make it ahead of time.

Fever Fighters & Cold Combaters | The STEM@Home Series

Fever Fighters and Cold Combaters

  • Presenter: OSU College of Pharmacy Students
  • Grade Level: 5th-8th 
  • Background: It's cold and flu season! This session will cover how to avoid feeling under the weather and which over-the-counter products work best for fighting fevers and colds.
  • Zoom Link:

Toxic or Non-Toxic? | The STEM@Home Series

Toxic or Non-Toxic?

  • Presenter: OSU TEAM Tox, Graduate Students in Toxicology
  • Grade Level: 6th-8th 
  • Background: How do scientists learn how toxic something is? A toxicologist studies just that by using toxicity testing. Conduct your own toxicity test using yeast and watch the experiments grow before your very eyes!
  • Zoom Link:
  • Materials Needed:
    • dry active yeast
    • salt
    • sugar
    • heating source (e.g. heating pad)
    • measuring spoons
    • ruler

Pharmacy in Respiratory | The STEM@Home Serieseri

Pharmacy in Respiratory Health

Shape Magic

  • Presenter: Branwen Schaub, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Mathematics OSU
  • Grade Level: 6th-8th 
  • Background: Can a 3-D shape only have one side? How about a flat shape with three faces? Learn how “magical” shapes work like a Möbius Strip and a Hexaflexagon, and astound your friends with their magic!
  • Zoom Link:
  • Materials:
    • tape or glue
    • printed hexaflexagon pattern
    • crayons/markers
  • Relevant Links: