Discovering the Scientist Within 2020 will be held: 8:30AM-12:30PM (Check-in begins at 8AM), Saturday, March 7. Lunch is not provided.

Pre-registration is required. Registration will open February 1, 2020, and close March 2, 2020. The registration link is HERE:


Participants will be able to register for one of  six activity pairs. Activities change yearly, but the pairs listed below are good examples of the types of activities you will find at DSW. (Activities listed are from DSW 2020


1A. Fabulous Pharmacy: Prepare a fun pharmaceutical product and gain an introduction to career opportunities in pharmacy.

1B. Mapping with LIDAR: How Engineers See the Earth: Learn how engineers use lasers to measure terrain, forests, cities and more! See yourself measured by a real, professional 3-D laser scanner!


2A. Sketch-Up!: Join us in the computer graphics lab to explore Google Sketch-Up, software that you can use to create, modify, and share 3D models.

2B. Physics of Light!: Defeat the laser maze, make your own pinhole camera, make ice cream! Find out the "how and why" of all these fascinating, every-day phenomena.


3A. Spalting: Painting Wood with Fungi: In nature, many species of fungi produce intricate patterns and colorful pigments in wood. Learn how these fungi work and harness them to create your very own piece of spalted wood! Gain an understanding of how fungal pigments and other metabolites could provide humanity with new sources of "green" chemicals.

3B. Superhuman DNA: Ever wonder if you have superpowers? We’ve found DNA mutations that allow some people to become super-sprinters, super-tasters, even super-sleepers! In the field of Bioengineering, part of what we do is investigate mutations like these and even cause or cure them. Come learn about Bioengineering and the science behind mutations! 


4A. The Wonders of Dairy: Join us for a journey through the world of cheesemaking from pasture to cheddar.  We will discuss how milk is produced and how cheese is made, tasting at each step along the way!  We will also make instant ice-cream using dry ice and fresh milk from OSU's very own Jersey cows! (Feel free to bring your favorite toppings)

4B. Tracking Animals: Fisheries and Wildlife scientists study animals using lots of different tools. Come explore different ways we use to help us answer important questions that help us to watch and conserve critters in the wild - both in Oregon and around the world.


5A. Hands-on DNA:   If you isolated all the DNA in your body, it would stretch from here to the moon! We will discover how to isolate DNA from strawberries. You get to take your strawberry DNA home with you!

5B. Marshmallow Astronauts: Did you hear? NASA completed its first All-Female Spacewalk in October! To make it home, engineers develop parachutes to help astronauts land safely and avoid crash landings. Can you design a way to get your marshmallow astronauts home safely?


6A. Discvoer the World of Biochemistry: Biochemistry is everywhere! From extracting DNA from fruit, to creating your own pH indicator, get ready to be impressed by the marvelous world of biochemistry!

6B. Slaying Beasts with Mathematics: Use mathematical “swords” with different powers to slay two different beasts! Battle the Dragon of Ignorance, which has three heads and three tails, and the Gorgon of Hubris, which has three heads and four tails. Can you defeat them?