Participants come to Discovering the Scientist Within workshop to learn about the wide range of career options for women in science, technology, engineering and math. Through hands-on activities, they find out what it's like to work in different careers. Student participants have a chance to interact with professional women who work in a variety of fields, and they have a chance to meet others like them who share their interests.

In the online registration, participants will choose which pair of activities they will be registered for. Please keep in mind that this day is all about exploration and that STEM is often interdisciplinary. Your child will learn a lot and have fun regardless of the workshop group she is assigned. We suggest speaking with your participant about her first and second choice of activity pair before registering. Some activity pairs fill up quickly, however, all of our activities are fun! If your child is registering with a friend and want to be in the same group, please send a separate email to [email protected] as these activity groups will be split into two smaller sub-groups by last name.

The science exploration activities are designed for the middle schoolers only. During the event, parents are welcome to explore the Oregon State University Campus (maps are available morning-of), explore our nearby hiking trails, or simply have some quiet time.

While Discovering the Scientist Within is designed to nurture girl’s interest in STEM by surrounding them with women in science, anyone is eligible to apply.  Please contact us for more information.